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At this point, that sounds to me like a Baskin-Robbins menu. It's ALL good.


Wow-- that's an impressive selection, Moll. Yo go! There's only one problem: "Ain't nuthin' 'bout you says computer OR school." Just kidding! Love, M.


matts a lerser, but truth. just kidding.
i think your classes sound awesome. i wonder a little bit about "urban government", sounds a little vague... what does that mean?
also, this should be interesting for you b/c you are taking anthro and soc., which historically kind of butt (ha ha) heads. the arguments on both sides (for themselves) are pretty interesting (ethnography vs statistics, etc), so i'll love to hear what you think about all of that.
i love you grrl, you too smart!
xoxoxo sara


Sociology of everyday life?? I had a philosophy prof in college who desparingly called sociology "the science of the obvious."

Ancient Nariner

Molly: I am pleased to see that you have avoided my college major: ECONOMICS, better known as THE DISMAL SCIENCE.

Love you........Herm


Oh God - I love your major and minor! THAT's what I would have taken had I gone to college when I was you!

(sorry to add my 2 cents to your family talk... just couldn't resist - oh dear)

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I don't know you personally but i thing its all good best of luck..!

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Your future plans in impressive hope you achieve all this my best wishes is with you...:)

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