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How old is this guy, Moll?? It's even possible that he decided to work for a college, not because that's the only job that was available, but because it would give him the opportunity to do what he just did.


i used to do this thing with my girlfriends (from high school), a kind of counter-harrassment, where we would drive around chicago and bark out the window at men. it made me feel vindicated in a way. they always looked SO shocked to be addressed in such a mocking, degrading fashion. taste of their own medicine.

men can be very invasive, and i think a lot of their uncensored behavorior roots back to their sense of entitlement (to women, power, whatever they want). and of course that ties back to the structure of our society/culture (you do not jump to conclusions there).

however, in terms of what we can do about it, i have found that though driving around barking at men is exhilerating to a certain extent (i suggest you try it), laughter is one tool of strength that we do have. if we dont let it get to us, it begins to lose its power and influence. and more than that, just being at college and getting the opportunity to get education and educate those around you, will hopefully one day lead us to a world where men arent such fucking jack asses. but dont hold your breath! :)


Eeeewww. Sorry that happened to you, Moll. What a creepy loser. Anyway, it sounds like you handled it the right way. I see what you're saying about being frustrated by how everyone just accepts this as 'normal' behavior. It must be hard to balance being justifiably annoyed (and pissed-off) by these events with not letting it get to you so much that it runs your life. I think Sara's advice is very good, even though she's a lerser.


my barking advice? you did that too? wow, we are siblings! :)
by the way, you're a lerser.

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