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i la tha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox travel safe and give H and R big hugs for me!


Chicago was too FLAT for me. I remember we went skiing once, and we had to drive a couple hundred miles into Wisconsin to find a hill.

Also, it wasn't nearly as cool a place in the early 1960s when I left as it is now. It was more like St. Louis before the arch . . . a cow town. Now it's a world class city.

unca davey

What am I... chopped liver??!!

(Don't answer that.)


Why I left Chicago:

1. The weather
2. I can't stand being so removed from nature
3. I felt like I had to start my own life somewhere else, and I felt like a lot of my old friends in Chicago were losers (which is very different from your experience).
4. If I lived in constant proximity to deep-dish pizza, I'd weigh 400 lbs.
5. Cub fans.

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