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you are so right, we really are going through parrallel (sp?) experiences right now. as for you, i think you are handling it all with amazing grace and agility. i remember my first year as being incredibly overwhelming and every time i came home was a hurricane of emotion for me. i missed everyone so much, but then felt frustrated that i felt like a different person, but i felt like no one could see it. i remember being unsatisfied with my visits with my high school friends almost every time.
i miss you so much, and it was so great to see you! you are my grrrl, and i admire you more and more every day.


i just wrote you this long as comment, and my slow ass computer wouldnt post it. BOGUS. basically i just said that you are the bomb and handling your major transitions in life right now with such grace, i admire you more and more every day.
i love you the most, xoxoxo sara


im a lerser. eerps.

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